Terminator Action

The New Defensive Edge “Terminator” action, standard features:

Machined from 17-4 PH stock

4140 bolt body – Melonited for hardness and elimination of galding

Remington 700 footprint

Solid bottom or Wyatt’s CF mag cut

Side Bolt Release

Takes Remington 700 Style trigger

1.125″x16 tpi tenton

Ejection port flared for ejection of larger/longer “Man Sized” long range rounds

M 16 Extractor

Improved ejector geometry and power

Tolerances improved to allow function with a little dirt or grime

Round / Round – 8-40 tpi scope mounting surfaces

Optional 2 position “wing” safety

As you can see with the feature/improvement list, the decision to only build on our new action was easy. By the time you supply a factory action and do all of the above work to it, the price difference is minimal. The only real increase in cost was due to excise tax (thanks Uncle Sam!). This action will be superior to the modified factory action in every way. We will finally have all the features we want and none of the ones we don’t. We are really excited to be able to offer this incredible action in our rifles. Stay tuned for more on the new DE Terminator Actions!

Solid works model of the “Terminator” action.

To see our 200,000 psi proof testing video go to:

Finally we have our first working Terminator action in a build it seemed only fair to build the first Terminator action into a Canyon Rifle in 338 Edge. This has been a huge R&D project for us but we finally have the action with the features we always wanted for long range hunting. It is proofed 200,000 + psi and built as a field action. In developing and modeling this we examined every single part several times to improve them anyway we could. The end result is everything I had hoped for. For up to date info and owner reviews log on to www.longrangeonly.com