You have entered the home of data for the Terminator family of cartridges. Like all loading data, this is just a guideline to help you and not absolute information. This is simply what worked for us in just one or two rifles with our lot of powder, bullets primers, etc. It is still your responsibility to follow safe loading practices and make your own safety decisions. It is not a safe loading practice to take your rifle chambered in one of these rounds even though we built it and simply start with the max load. It is still a required practice that you safely work up to a safe pressure and load. Load data can change from lot to lot with components, ambient temperature, or any other number of factors. Please be safe and use this info as a guideline. Have fun and good shooting.


224 Term web

OAL: 2.809” raw w 80 gr. ELD-M

OAL: 2.232” w shop comp

Max Brass Length: 2.030”

Trim Length: 2.020”

DE Fire Formed Lapua Brass: Average OAL 2.028”

Test barrel: 28” Hart, 1-8, .224”



QL predictions:


Bullet: 80 gr. ELD-M

Primer: CCI 200

Powder: RL 26

Charge: 49.5 gr.

Load %: 96.7

Est Velocity: 3528 fps


Actual Tests:


Charge Velocity Notes


45.0 gr 3432 fps

46.0 gr 3461 fps

47.0 gr 3558 fps

48.0 gr 3627 fps

49.0 gr 3712 fps

Shot 3 shot at 100 yards -.000”, 5. MOA average velocity 3648 fps, ES 18 fps

Shot 3 shot at 100 yards – .005”, .328”