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We have always thought quite a lot of the .22 RF as a training tool. Sometimes I lose sight of the fact that it was my first rifle and varmint gun. Those hundreds of hours in the field and thousands of rounds down the barrel started early on to shape the rifleman I am today and I am thankful for that. In that interest we have further developed the .22 as a long range training tool. There are some wonderful factory rimfires available out there at a reasonable price. To turn them in to a true training / practice tool they can all benefit from a little work. We have outlined the individual areas in the drop down list but in a nutshell we start with the trigger, all of them I have seen need or at least can benefit from some trigger work. If you are diving down the accuracy rabbit hole there is barrel work to be considered and done. Setting up for training usually requires some work to duplicate the feel and application of your primary rifle you are training for, we install a lot of suppressors for this. Given all the benefits of the .22 RF as a trainer one can easily find themselves pretty focused on their .22 platform.


The first thing we did was start dialing in the triggers. We converted the Remington 540/580 series rifle to a non-pivoting, adjustable trigger and tune them down to 8 oz. Trigger work has always been a stand by service here for us. The CZ series rifles 452, 455 & 457 triggers we rework or replace and tune. The 457 in particular we can modify and tune down to 6 oz. in most cases.

Barrel Tuners

Our next project was to develop a sleek barrel tuner design for any .22 rifle but specifically aimed at the CZ line of rifles. This tuner is a “no thread” version, it incorporates a stop lug so it can be removed cleaned and replaced without loss of “tune”. For full information see the description on our products page here:



                There is a demand for drop in replacement match barrels for a number of .22 rifles. There are a number of really good drop in barrels coming from Lilja and Walther to name a couple. We believe in making the best fit possible and that requires us to have the action and a barrel blank in hand to properly fit everything up. We have seen a benefit in threading the receiver and fitting a threaded barrel to the action. This procedure eliminates some dimensional issues with the factory setup and I highly recommend it. We have for some rifles even made miniature recoil lugs similar to a Remington 700 to accommodate a better bedding platform.

Rifle Builds

We can and do build complete custom competition .22 rifles. If you want a custom BR 50 rifle on your or our provided CZ action, barreled with a Hart match barrel, trigger tuned to 8 oz., bedded into a McMillan BR 50 stock, converted to single shot and topped with your favorite optic we can do that build for you.



.22 Testing

We do a ton of testing on products we build and I will keep a collection of the blog links here for your ease of navigation



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Barrel Tuner Setup & Adjustment

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