We started the LRKM project in the spring of 2007, I had been thinking that I needed a platform specific to long range hunting in the areas I hunt. Specifically I hunt in areas that you can’t get an ATV to mostly, so being able to carry the platform on a motorcycle is a big deal. I started a list of ideas and parameters for the project:

So with these ideas in mind I set out on what has been quite a developmental adventure. I have a crate full of pieces and ideas I didn’t like getting to the finished product. However in the end the project has exceeded all of my ideas and parameters. The LRKM package with the NF NXS 5.5-22x56mm has the ability to zero at 100 yards and direct dial to over 2500 yards when chambered in 338 Edge +P. This is excellent performance in anybody’s book
A customer’s LRKM chambered in 338 Edge +P.

Note all LRKM’s ordered after 02-04-14 will come with the new Defensive Edge “Terminator” action.

Standard Specs 30” barrel 
Overall Length: 43”
Weight:11.8 lbs
Action:DE Terminator
Capacity:Single shot
Trigger:Adjustable 1.5-4 lbs
Safety:Bolt shroud, 2 position
Length of pull:Spacer Adjustable 13-15”
Cheek Weld:Cheekrests available in 1/8” increments
Scope rail:40 or 65 moa tapered picatinny rail
Grip:Slightly modified AR-15
Recoil Pad:HiViz 1”
Brake:Defensive Edge 1.5”Slab
Accuracy:Under .5 moa @ 100 yards (most are closer to ¼ moa)
Field Performance:Given good conditions, is effective past 2500 yards in 338 Edge, 338 Edge +P etc
LRKM Package:
Standard LRKM features listed above
Chambered in:338 Edge
338 Edge +P
338 Lapua Mag
338 Terminator (Lapua Imp +P)
Other chambering available these are just the ones we recommend. For complete list of available chamberings:
Cerakote Color:Coyote Tan
OD Green
Chassis Paint:Black
Earth Brown
Forest Green
OD Green
Woodland Web
Rock Web
Desert Web
Timber Web
Forest Web
Package Total:$5640.00
  • Harris “S”series bipod with lock  $140.00
  • Nightforce 30mm rings  $165.00
  • Custom Cut Pelican Case   $350.00
  • ACI/ACD Ring Mount with Indicator  $195.00
  • ACD Ring Mount  $75.00
  • 338 Edge Match Die Set  $265.00
  • 338 Edge Match Brass (100pc)  $300.00
  • 5.5-22x56mm NXS Zero Stop  $1960.00
  • 5-25x56mm ATACR  $2340.00
  •     SPARE AMMO CARRIER $24.95