You have entered the home of data for the Terminator family of cartridges. Like all loading data this is just a guideline to help you and not absolute information. This is simply what worked for us in just one or two rifles with our lot of powder, bullets primers etc. It is still your responsibility to follow safe loading practices and make your own safety decisions.  It is not a safe loading practice to take your rifle chambered in one of these rounds even though we built it and simply start with the max load. It is still a required practice that you safely work up to a safe pressure and load. Load date can change from lot to lot with components, ambient temperature or any other number of factors. Please be safe and use this info as a guideline. Have fun and good shooting.





I drew up specs on the 284 T in Quickload today. Estimated at 72,000 psi to compensate for the +P throat we get the following results:

Based on the following specs:

Case Weight: Norma 300 Norma Mag Brass 310.5 gr.

Case Capacity: 104 gr. H2O capacity

Bullet: 180 gr. Berger Elite Hunter

Barrel: Hart 30” 1-8 twist

Primer: CCI 250

Throat: DE +P 1.00”

OAL: 3.500”


Ran a pressure series and determined that 86.5 gr. of N 570 was the max load in the test rifle.



Pressure load 86.5 gr VV N 570




OAL: -.000”


3325, 3326, 3331 fps


Average Velocity: 3327 fps


Extreme Spread: 6 fps


Accuracy: .50 MOA



OAL: -.005”


3331, 3337, 3340 fps


Average Velocity: 3336 fps


Extreme Spread: 9 fps


Accuracy: 1.0 MOA



OAL: -.010”


3323, 3332, 3341 fps


Average Velocity: 3332 fps


Extreme Spread: 18 fps


Accuracy: 1.0 MOA???



OAL: +.002”


3334, 3337, 3346 fps


Average Velocity: 3338 fps


Extreme Spread: 12 fps


Accuracy: .50 MOA



OAL: -.000”


3327, 3333, 3331 fps


Average Velocity: 3330 fps


Extreme Spread: 6 fps


Accuracy: .182”



We have been shooting this last load with great success. There are a couple of 24-26″ barreled rifles on the build list now for sheep hunters and I’ll try to keep everyone up to date  perfromance. I suspect that with the shorter barrels that H1000 and Retumbo might be better choices for powders.


Fired cases measure:

Headspace: 1.890”

Shoulder Diameter: .562”

Web Diameter @ .200”: .583”

Sized case measures:

Headspace: 1.890” (forming chamber is .005” short of FL die chamber)

Shoulder diameter: .558”

Web Diameter @ .200”: .5825”

Brass prep should be really easy like the other Terminator rounds.