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Terminator Precision Long Range Dies sets for all Terminator cartridges.


We build all Terminator die set in house to the most exacting standards. The bodies are Salt Bath Nitrided to make them hard and slick. Sizing dies are cut with a special resizing reamer that mirrors our Terminator chamber reamer. This give proper sizing but with the best fir to the chamber. All sizing dies are neck bushing dies and either accept the Redding bushings or in the case of the 375 Terminator custom bushings form Defensive Edge. Seating dies are all micrometer adjustable to precisely control the cartridge overall length that can be so crutial to long range accuracy.


Price:    224, 243, 260, 284, 300 and 338 Terminator         325.00

375 Terminator                                                    395.00