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If you are a serious long range shooter you understand how critical proper scope alignment is. After more requests than I can count we have made our shop tools available to the public. The Defensive Edge Scope Leveling kit is a simple, accurate and fast way to get critical scope alignment all squared away. Our kit comes with 3 levels  that allow you to correclty mount almost any scope properly. In addition you can use the # 3 level to check and / or adjust your cosione / angle indicator. Compete instructions are included, this is a must have item for the precision shooter.


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Scope Leveling Instructions


Defensive Edge Scope Mounting Kit


LEVEL 07 We have been asked by so many people to offer our tools for scope mounting in a kit, so we have. Our theory on scope mounting is simple we want to mount our scope to the rifle so that the elevation turret runs through the scope and then the action on the axis of the bore, like in pic 1. 

                If the axis of the turret is not lined up with the axis of the bore then two things happen, click values in elevation get short at long distance and the windage will change as you dial up the elevation. If for instance the scope is canted to the right it will make you impact to the left as you dial up elevation.

                Our system is pretty simple and straight forward we have 3 levels and will refer to them as 1, 2 and 3 as pictured in these instructions. The first thing we do is get the scope on the rifle but still movable. Then we use level 3 to level the rifle on the bench as you see in the picture. Then we check the scope with level 1 on the turret and holding level 2 against the flat on the bottom to see if we can level off the turret or if we have to use the flat on the bottom of the scope. If the two levels match up we can then use the turret post to level from and this is easier to work with. If they do not we have to use the flat on the bottom, like in the picture lower left. Note: in the picture due to the centerline of the camera the bubbles appear to be a little different but they are not this was a photography issue.

Once you have established that the turret and the bottom of the scope are square with each other you can level off the turret, if not you will have to hold level 2 against the flat to check the scope as you mount it.

                Time to start leveling, place level 2 on the base or mounting rail for the scope. There is a balance line on level 2. The balance line balances the level on a standard pic rail with the line on the outer edge of the rail. Then if your turret is true place level 1 on top of the turret. If your turret is not true simply move level 2 back and forth from the base to the bottom of the scope while adjusting it until the level matches on both surfaces. See the pictures below.


                Now that you have the scope level you can start torqueing the screws down in an “X” or the recommended pattern of the manufacturer. If you have an anti-cant cap like pictured you simply set it level with the other levels. If you have a rail mount or other ant-cant device it can be adjusted separately. Check the levels as you do this to ensure the scope is not getting moved on its level line. Once the scope is torqued to the manufacturers recommended specs you have now mounted your scope based on the axis of the bore. If you are also mounting a cosine or degree indicator this is a good time to do that since you already have level 3 in place and the rifle sitting level. You are now finished with basic precision rifle scope mounting.

LEVEL 02                   LEVEL 04

Ballistic Reticules – if you are using a ballistic reticule it is critical that you make sure that the reticule and turret are lined up. This is pretty simple, mount the scope as outlined above, then hang a plum line that you can see in the scope. With the rifle bagged in place and the levels centered with the crosshair on the line, compare the bottom of the reticule with the plum line. If they matchup the reticule and turret are running in concert and you can use either one effectively. If the reticule and plum line don’t match up you can use the turrets or adjust the scopes reticule to the plum line and use the reticule but you cannot use both.