RF Can Cradle


The RF Cam Cradle is one of best pieces of gear we have started using in the past few years. It was specifically designed by RLC customs for the person who has to be spotter, cameraman and everything else at the same time. It is a mount that you can sink your camera to your spotting scope and have your range finder all in the same cluster. I used one for most of this last hunting season and discovered that besides the speed that you can do all of those things the best attribute was that it is so easy to get footage you tend to take more footage and not miss capturing some the cool thing you see while hunting. This will become a near mandatory piece of gear for filming future volumes of “Send It”.


          I addition to becoming one of our favorite pieces of new gear in 2015 it has really helped in ways we never thought of prior to using it. If you get video of everything because it is just easy, you have video to review in the field. This has saved the day on animal recovery a number of times for us. Check out our video on it at :