The PS was designed as a sight for shotgun trap shooting, but it didn’t take long to discover many other uses for it. It has done well for any clay shooting sports and has even made some impact for different kinds of hunting. The whole concept behind the pattern sight is that you see and are placing the shot pattern where you want it as opposed to placing a bead stack or sight where it needs to be and the pattern being somewhere else. For instance trap shooters usually find low birds because of wind difficult to get under. With the PS you simply get the pattern on them and shoot.


                Setting up the Sight – the pattern sight works best on shotguns with adjustable combs or adjustable ribs. This allows the shooter to adjust the shotguns pattern to be centered in the sight. Fixed comb and rib shooters with shotguns shooting 95-100% above the bead will find the pattern sight very closely setup already. The PS was designed for improved mod or full choked shotguns but works well with all but the most open chokes. To setup install the sight by removing the existing and replacing with the PS using the screws supplied. If your shotgun has staked or swaged beads you will need to get it removed and a hole appropriate to one of the included screw sizes drilled and threaded in its place. Once the PS is installed the gun will need to be patterned and adjusted. To do this we use a small dot 3-5 inches on a large paper or cardboard (4 foot square is good). Center the dot in the PS and fire, inspect the pattern to see it is evenly spread around the dot, having the dot in the center of the pattern. If it is not adjust the comb or rib until it is. That is all there is too it, now you will see a kind of ghost image of the PS circle when you focus on the bird.

                Shooting the PS – Shooting the PS will take a little getting used to if you have been a stacked bead “high” gun shooter for very long. Now instead of stacking beads and visualizing the pattern hitting above them now you see the pattern and place where you want it. Most 16 yard birds require only putting the edge of the pattern on them to shoot (still inside of the circle when you fire but on the edge). From station 1 and 5 a hard outside bird will take a little more, just outside the circle works well for most. The PS increases your field of view over conventional bead setups and encourages focusing on the bird rather than the bead. It is not magic however and trying to focus on the ring, stopping the gun, or any other technique blunders will still result in a number of missed birds. The PS will allow for:

No bead to focus back on

Better field of view

Better idea of lead

Easier pursuit of difficult bird

Easier placement of the shot pattern under difficult conditions

Easier safe zone establishment of the pattern when hunting with multiple birds in view

Works better than colored beads on a wider variety of backgrounds