We started Defensive edge in 1996 as a part time business. In 2000 we made the jump to a full time business specializing in tactical/competition arms and training. It was about this time that we started building a lot of long range rifles. My time as a SWAT team member, competitor and long range hunter had a lot of influence on the early rifles and we have evolved primarily into a long range rifle and training shop for military/law enforcement and civilian interests. Defensive Edge Inc has grown to provide cutting edge in long range small arms and training in long range field shooting. We have brought the technology and techniques from long range hunting, sniper competitions, various precision shooting competitions and tactical applications together to provide some of the best training and long range small arms available. Back in 2008 we expanded into video for training and hunting primarily based around long range shooting. So if you’re a long range hunter, military/law enforcement precision rifleman, competitor or just interested in long range shooting check out what we have to offer. You will find that there are few companies that offer it all, the arms, the training, the been there got the shirt experience, and time in the field