Barrel Tuner Setup & Adjustment



There are several ways to get the “tune” on your rifle. Below we have outlined our process for this. Lots of people have lots of ideas about this but this is what we do:


  • Starting bottomed out, shoot 3 shot groups in 1 revolution increments
  • Find the best revolution and shoot 3 shot groups ¼ and ½ revolution above and below this setting.
  • Identify best group, now shoot 5 shot groups with this setting along with 1/8 turn above and below this setting.
  • Once you have identified this sweet spot, write this setting down and log atmospheric conditions.
  • You will likely find that there are 2 or more “sweet” spots with in the tuners range. You will have to test these spots to determine the best of the best.
  • Atmospheric conditions can play a big part in your “tune” so log these conditions and the tuner setting used in them. I normally log: temp, humidity & pressure.
  • I like to do my testing at 50 yards with whatever gear I am competing with. This could be a bipod or BR front rest. I subscribe to the “test like you compete” theory.
  • Remember that good shooting conditions usually result in a good tune. I’d really prefer testing and tuning indoors and practicing outdoors.


As you can see we have located a potential sweet spot at two revolutions. We will now shoot two revolutions along with 1.75 and 2.25 revolutions. I also start at this point start shooting 5 shot groups.


Above we have narrowed down the setting to 2.25 revolutions and at 50 yards this is really good. The only thing left to do is to shoot 2.125, 2.250 & 2.375 revolutions to determine the best setting. As I start homing in on the best setting I start shooting three,  five shot groups to see where my best and most consistent setting is.