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Scope Leveling Kit


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If you are a serious long range shooter you understand how critical proper scope alignment is. After more requests than I can count we have made our shop tools available to the public. The Defensive Edge Scope Leveling kit is a simple, accurate and fast way to get critical scope alignment all squared away. Our kit comes with 3 levels  that allow you to correclty mount almost any scope properly. In addition you can use the # 3 level to check and / or adjust your cosione / angle indicator. Compete instructions are included, this is a must have item for the precision shooter.


Price $59.95


Scope Leveling Instructions

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RF Cam Cradle

RF Can Cradle


The RF Cam Cradle is one of best pieces of gear we have started using in the past few years. It was specifically designed by RLC customs for the person who has to be spotter, cameraman and everything else at the same time. It is a mount that you can sink your camera to your spotting scope and have your range finder all in the same cluster. I used one for most of this last hunting season and discovered that besides the speed that you can do all of those things the best attribute was that it is so easy to get footage you tend to take more footage and not miss capturing some the cool thing you see while hunting. This will become a near mandatory piece of gear for filming future volumes of “Send It”.


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Shotgun Pattern Sight



                                The PS was designed as a sight for shotgun trap shooting, but it didn’t take long to discover many other uses for it. It has done well for any clay shooting sports and has even made some impact for different kinds of hunting. The whole concept behind the pattern sight is that you see and are placing the shot pattern where you want it as opposed to placing a bead stack or sight where it needs to be and the pattern being somewhere else. For instance trap shooters usually find low birds because of wind difficult to get under. With the PS you simply get the pattern on them and shoot.


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338 Edge Brass




Defensive Edge now carries US made 338 Edge brass. This brass is excellent quality, many loaders are getting 12-15 loads out of it. We are quite pleased with performance of these.



$300.00 per 100



Pod Lock

 Pod Lock
This is a Pod Locker for the Harris ® "S" series bipods.
PRICE $26.00

DE Recoil Lug



DE Recoil Lug

The new DE recoil lug is designed for the Remington 700, 600 & 40X series rifles, it is also adaptable to other rifles in need of good lug like some of the Savage rifles. The DE recoil lug is CNC machined from 416 SS and surface ground to ensure perfect dimensions. It will fit the HS Precision stocks without shortening the lug to machining into the aluminum action cradle. Like all DE products it is built with one thing in mind, to be the best we can make.

PRICE $28.00

Harris "S" Bipod w/lock

Harris S Bipod

Harris "S" series swiveling bipods with Pod-locker installed, these are our favorite setup for getting the front end solid in the field.

PRICE $140.00

HD Bipod Mounts


No more broken front studs from bipod mounting or rugged use.

PRICE $18.00

Nightforce Pic Rail Mount

NF Pic Rail Mount

Nightforce Pic rail mounts with 20 and 40 MOA of taper.
We carry for the Remington short and long action

PRICE $135.00

Nightforce Lightweight Tactical Rings

Nightforce Lightweight

We use these rings in concert with the Nightforce tapered Pic rail mounts and stock them in heights of .885" 1.00" 1.125" AND 1.265"

PRICE $165.00

Nightforce Direct Mount

NF Direct Mount

The Nightforce has become our favorite mount on our custom long range rifles and will accept our ACI/ACD mount.

Price $245.00

Nightforce Scopes

Nightforce Scope

Nightforce scopes are the scope we turn to for our long range needs.

We usually stock the 5.5-22x56mm and the 3.5-15x50mm with the NPR1 reticule and the Zero Stop option.

5.5-22x56 NXS, Zero Stop, NPR1 reticule $2,028
3.5-15x50 NXS, Zero Stop, NPR1 reticule $1,863.00



This is our new ring cap mount for Anti Cant and Angle Cosine Indicators.
It fits any Nightforce ring set, Uni Mount or Direct Mount.
It is manufactured from the same 7075 Alloy that the
NF LW rings sets are made from and hard anodized matte black.
It is available as a mount only or complete with the "Sniper Tools ACI"


(Does not include the lower half of the ring or direct mount)





Pelican PDA Case



Pelican PDA Case

This our Pelican case for PDA's it is waterproof, floats, resists the cold and protects your PDA from field abuses. It will hold PDA's such as the Dell Axim with enough room for a spare battery and backup information.

PRICE $30.00