MPH Rifle Chassis





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Mountain Precision Hunter – Chassis


                The MPH Chassis was designed out of the need for a detachable mag light weight chassis for bolt action rifle builds. I have owned rifles of almost every action type and configuration, none of them I have hated. There have been some platforms I have liked better than others and have spent a great deal of time with. Sniper rifles and the guns standard to 3 gun competition have been my mainstay platforms for the last 30 years. I have fired hundreds of thousands of rounds through these platforms. So when the idea of a super lightweight chassis rifle started to occupy my mind I started to blend them together.




  • Simple design nothing complicated to run or operate

  • Sleek to move through terrain and brush effectively

  • Detachable magazine – this will limit some caliber but allow most.

  • Must use AI pattern magazines, although modifying them would be OK

  • Use the highest quality and technologically advanced materials available

  • Designed as a field rifle chassis not a competition chassis

  • Balance and feel must be 100%

  • Equally effective shooting from unsupported positions as good as it works prone

  • Must have a reasonable long range ability based on platform not cartridge

  • Detachable magazine or any other features must not rattle or make noise, period

  • Must have sling mounting options available

  • Must be bipod adaptable for Spartan, UM stud mounts or Pic rail bipods

  • Platform must not flex or be unstable in any position

  • Must have adjustable cheek piece

  • Butt stock design must work with rear bag

  • Must be adaptable for cant and LOP in kit form

  • Weight must be very close to 30 oz., there are plenty of 60 oz. or heavier chassis available




  • Main chassis body, recoil lug assembly, machined from 70 series alloy

  • Alloy finished Anodizing

  • Carbon fiber tube butt stock made form thick wall high modulus tubing

  • Forend tube made from standard wall high modulus tubing

  • Side panels made from .125” thick high modulus flats

  • Butt stock made from 28,000 psi high impact, wear resistant Nylon

  • Cheek piece made from Kydex

  • Stock may be assembled with cant or LOP at whatever the end user desires

  • Forend may be shortened to accommodate shorter barrel applications

  • Barreled action may be removed from chassis with only 3 bolts for service / cleaning

  • Almost any AR 15 grip may be adapted to the platform but is supplied with an Ergo grip

  • Recoil pad is a 1” Decelerator

  • Fits any Remington 700 footprint action left or right handed, LH panels required for LH applications

  • Will accept barrel profiles up to #5 taper, ideal taper is a #4 fluted for best weight / accuracy combination

  • Carbonfiber contact points (stock and forend) much nicer in cold weather than an aluminum chassis

  • Chassis with 3 round AI mag, grip, butt stock dressed out except barreled action and scope weighs 29 oz. Since the AI mag weighs 5.5-6.0 oz this make the MPH comparable to most of the high end light weight stocks on the market or even a little lighter. No one makes an adjustable cheekpiece chassis that comes even close.


Using an ultralight action like some of the titanium offerings or alloy / steel hybrids on the market it is possible to build a rifle that weighs 6.5 lbs with a detachable mag chambered in something with some legs like the 7 WSM etc. We have shot the prototype with a standard Remington 700 action, # 3 Hart fluted barrel and Nightforce 2.5-10 NXS, Spartan bipod (total weight 8.7 lbs / 7.2 LBS WO Scope) very effectively out to 1200 yards.


Chassis Price $1100.00