338 Edge Loading Data

338 Edge Reloading Data

All testing is reflective of the results of one of our test rifles no two rifles are alike these are max loads in our rifle. Please be cautious and start 10% lower to work up carefully watching for pressure signs. Just because it worked fine in our rifle doesn’t mean it will work in yours.

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338 Edge

History & Developement
I developed and named the 338 Edge in 2001. Now I am sure I was not the first person to neck up the 300 Ultra (RUM) case to .338”. I have in all probability spent considerably more time with the round than anyone else. Jacob Gottfredson wrote an article about my test rifle that published in the October 2000 issue of “The Accurate Rifle”, this article can still be viewed in the “snipers paradise” website. Since initial development we have been refining the 338 Edge to become the most practical “bang for the buck” available to the long range hunter/shooter/tactician. 
Our first refinement was to move to 30” match barrel of extreme quality. We chose Hart barrels based on reputation and our experience with them and have never looked back. We currently use others as well but the Hart tubes are the overwhelming majority.

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Field Performance

Field Performance
With our standard load of the 300 gr SMK @ 2800-2830 fps we have come to expect sub 1” groups at 300 yards from our rifles. This is not an exception but the rule. It is not at all uncommon for our customers to record groups under 4-5 inches at 1000 yards. Again this is the rule not the exception. The exceptions are the letter or photo we get of 2-3” groups at 1000 yards. I have shot back to back 3 shot groups at 1276 yards under 5 inches in near perfect conditions. I have witnessed others shooting rocks at extreme distance (1708 yards) and printing 3 shot groups in the 12 inch range. These are possible but exceptional.

Shawn's Background

11 Years SWAT/Narcotics Officer

 Idaho POST certified instructor

  • SWAT instructor
  • High Risk Warrant Service
  • Precision Rifle for LE
  • Combat Pistol Techniques
  • Combat Shotgun Techniques
  • Combat Carbine Techniques
  • Marijuana Eradication and Surveillance Instructor 

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